Scoliosis Exercises

There are many things to be said about the scoliosis treatment scheme. The scientists have been debating whether any sort of treatment actually helps scoliosis or harms the body in the process of straightening the backbone. Most of these discussions are still going and the debate continues to be sparkled by results sustaining both sides. However, one thing that every one of these physicians have agreed on is that the best way to alleviate the pain caused by this disease and try to fix the bends in the backbone without surgery is scoliosis exercises.

Scoliosis exercises appear in almost all of the treatment schemes, helping all sorts of patients, from the very young to the very old and from the moderately sick to those in dire need of assistance. Be very careful, though. Working out by using the wrong set of scoliosis exercises can cause more harm than good, enlarging the angle of the bend and causing significant damage to the muscles surrounding the backbone. You must never try and exercise on your own, without medical supervision. Also, do not start doing scoliosis exercises unless you know for sure that what you suffer from is scoliosis and, more accurately, what type of scoliosis you have been affected by.

As it has been stated above, the main purpose of the scoliosis exercises is to fix the curvature of the spine. But have you ever wondered how can they do that? After all, the backbone is entirely made of… well, bone. So, how do you get bone to bend the way you want it to and not the way Mother Nature decided? Pretty much in the same that you get a stubborn child to obey: by insisting, day after day and tantrum after tantrum. These scoliosis exercises cannot fix your backbone in one session. Not even in one year of them. Depending on the severity of the bend and the length of the scoliosis exercises sessions, a visible progress can be made in as little as two years and as long as five years. One thing they teach you with these exercises is to never give up. Ok, so your posture will not be miraculously repaired, but the muscle spasms that accompany scoliosis will most likely lessen after a few sessions. The pain will go away much quicker if you keep up with the scoliosis exercises.

While it is best to leave the actual exercise explaining to the specialists, there are some essential rules that you should be aware of before getting to the gym. First of all, keep in mind that you have to change two essential things in your life to make your treatment work at its best: your posture and your bed. It might take you a few years to achieve the right posture and to keep it that way without having to consciously think about it every single moment of the day. But, once you have done all that, you will stand taller and fitter than before. On the other hand, your bed must be changed immediately to make sure that your spine stays as straight as possible, all the time.

Your lifestyle must suffer some changes, as well. For example, if you have a desk job, you have to get up and walk around every hour or so. Not long walks, just a few paces, straighten your back and then sit back down. Be very careful as to how you sit in front of a computer: back straight, eyes ahead, elbows at the same level as the table. Do not slouch. Also, you need to take up exercising only under strict supervising. Do not exercise on your own or outside the limits that your physician has set. If you do so, you might aggravate your condition, not alleviate it.

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