The one thing that can be said easily about levoscoliosis is that it is one of the more dangerous forms of scoliosis. In this case, the curvature of the backbone points left, modifying the form and position of the ribcage. This modification can easily cause problems with the cardiac and respiratory systems.

Scoliosis of the spine

Scoliosis of the spine is no different from classic scoliosis. Basically, it can be considered the same thing. Its symptoms range from the harmless (a small, stabbing pain next to the portion of the spine that will bend) to the debilitating (heart problems, increasing amounts of pain) and the cure is, momentarily, non – existent.

Do not fret, though. Consider scoliosis as the common cold: you cannot fix it, but you sure can make it better. The treatment will alleviate or even completely eliminate the pain, but not the curvature.

An important part of the scoliosis treatment, the physical exercises can be both good and bad for the sufferer. While it is true that their purpose is to ensure that the pain is bearable and the curvature of the spine does not grow, if the patient overexerts himself or herself, the exercises will do more harm than good. There are few rules that one most follow when exercising, but they cannot be broken: only do the exercises that the physical therapist has recommended, do not run or swim for long distances and, basically, do not overexert yourself in any way.

Scoliosis pictures

Idiopathic scoliosis and scoliosis brace

Scoliosis is known for two things: the fact that it can modify ones’ exterior appearance and because, in most cases, it has no known cause. That last aspect is what makes scoliosis a part of the very exclusive class of idiopathic diseases. Of course, not all types of scoliosis are idiopathic, which makes the physicians’ job much easier. The scoliosis brace is used especially in small children. While this method of treatment does provide the best results, the parents might find it rather hard to convince a five year old to wear a permanent corset, which is not only painful, but annoying as well. When used in adults, it helps keep the sufferer in the correct posture, without any conscious help.

Lumbar scoliosis

Also one of the more dangerous types of scoliosis out there, lumbar scoliosis is a problem of the spine in the lumbar area. If the bend is lateral (left or right), the scoliosis is not so severe. However, once the backbone starts to curve outwards or inwards, then the troubles begin. These troubles can range from pain while urinating to serious kidney problems. Fortunately, the bulk of the patients suffer from the lateral type of lumbar scoliosis.

There is only one definitive difference between scoliosis in adults and scoliosis in children. The one developed by adults is practically incurable, while the one that manifests in children can be easily corrected. Both versions affect the body in the same way, thus making the treatment scheme identical up to a point.